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Put your trust in 20 years' experience and the successful A. Tomatis method.

The A. Tomatis method

stimulates the ability to listen and communicate.

Do you have difficulties focusing when hearing?

Learn to filter what you hear in large crowds.


Tiresome ringing in the ears

Tinnitus - A. Tomatis Listening Training - ZurichSadly, there is still no tried and testet remedy for people tormented with tinnitus. Every case of tinnitus has to be examined individually because it often has several causes, which must be included in the treatment.

During listening training, hearing is optimised and boosted. Trained hearing is more resistant and more flexible and, as a result, better able to shut out ringing in the ears or minimise it. As a result, the emotional pressure fades and the client begins to relax.

This represents an enormous relief for subjective perception; life is no longer determined by ringing in the ears.

Find out about the A.Tomatis Application Method at the Center for listening training in Zurich (near Stadelhofen Railway Station).

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