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Language learning

Foundations for learning a foreign language

Foreign language learning - A. Tomatis listening training - ZurichEvery language functions wihin a frequency spectrum. There are languages similar to each other, wehereas others have little or nothing in common. Over time, we become too used to the frequency band of our mother tongue and can barely adjust to a foreign language.

If we want to learn or brush up on a foreign language, we must have a flexible ear, we must be able to decipher the rhythm, inflection and intonation of the new language. You have probably also already wondered why many Asians cannot pronounce the letter "r"... They do not hear it because it does not exist in their mother tongue. They have no points of reference to the letter.

With the help of the Tomatis method, your ear will become receptive to new languages. This means you learn quicker and effortlessly. You will feel, speak and think in the target language; you "live the language".

Tomatis Method Programme for language learning

Duration of training
The programme starts with the listening test developed by Professor Tomatis and an introductory conversation. The duration of the course is 7 days at 4 hours a day. These 4 hours are divided up as follows: 2 hours mediated by the Electronic Ear followed by a 2-hour conversation lesson with a native-speaking teacher.

Individual or group training
You practice in small groups of maximum four participants or book individual training.

Passive part of training
During the first two hours, you hear filtered sound material in your target language. Not only your ear, but also your entire nervous system will become attunded to the "new langugage". Your ear learns to decipher the new language rhythm and your nervous system familiarises itself with the language structure.

Active part of training
We will practise conversation together for two hours. The topic will be adapted to your needs, and also grammatical matters come into play. All course participants wear headphones and speak into a spherical microphone. The reason for this is that with the help of the Electronic Ear you experience the way of listening of a French or English person etc.
You find speaking easier, your accent audibly improves and you learn more quickly and more effectively.

Intensive Langugage Course


Language learning according to A. Tomatis listening training - ZurichEvery course is adapted to the needs of participants with regards to course content, lesson topics and lesson times. The course sequence can also be individually arranged, for example, 10 days at 4 hours daily; 2 hours: passive listening training, then 2 hours: active one-to-one lesson.

The entire course takes places with the help of the "Electronic Ear" specially developed by Prof. A. Tomatis. I will gladly compile a tailor-made course for you.

No responsibility is taken for the accurancy of this information, which ist subject to change without notice.


Listening training according to Tomatis (passive part):
Hourly rate: 60.00 CHF

Intensive one-to-one lesson in the desired language (active part):

Hourly rate: 70.00 CHF

Entire language course:
2'600.00 CHF (20 hours (passive part) à CHF 60.00 per hour, 20 hours (active part) à CHF 70.00 per hour)

I look forward to establishing contact with you.

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