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Treatment for tinnitus, stress symptoms and much more

Put your trust in 20 years' experience and the successful A. Tomatis method.

The A. Tomatis method

stimulates the ability to listen and communicate.

Do you have difficulties focusing when hearing?

Learn to filter what you hear in large crowds.


Tomatis Method in brief

Professor Tomatis was orginally an ear, nose and throat specialist and worked exclusively on the connections between ear, speech, psyche and phonation. The results of his research work were adopted by the Académie des Sciences in Paris in the form of three laws. Professor Tomatis had developed the Electronic Ear, a device which functions like the human ear. It has an ideal impact on the interaction between middle and inner ear by means of filters and amplifiers, and hence stimulates our hearing and listening ability.

Professor Tomatis worked and carried out research in Paris. Meanwhile, there are various different Tomatis Institutes worldwide.

Language training is also very suitable for children and adolescents. What is more, the Tomatis Method achieves great success with difficulties at school.

Find out more background information on the Tomatis Method.

Practical information

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