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Put your trust in 20 years' experience and the successful A. Tomatis method.

The A. Tomatis method

stimulates the ability to listen and communicate.

Do you have difficulties focusing when hearing?

Learn to filter what you hear in large crowds.


Tomatis Method at the Institute in Zurich

Firstly, an evaluation takes place; it consists of a listening test, medical history and detailed conversation. This evaluation is always not binding.

The actual training consists of 3 blocks. The first block lasts 15 consecutive days at 2 hours per day. Then the second and third blocks follow, each lasting 8 days at 2 hours a day. There is an interval of 3 to 4 weeks between the individual blocks.

The training is divided into passive and active units. It begins with passive sessions in which you will hear the sound material selected for you through special headphones. The sound material always passes through the electronic ear. This results in a continuous adjustment, i.e. training of both muscles of the middle ear, by the fact that the music is transmitted alternately through the top or bottom channel of the electronic ear. This process is like "micro bodybuilding" for the ear muscles. The pleasant thing is that you do not have to exert yourself in any way whatsoever. You can even sleep.

The active phase is designed differently from case to case. This depends very much on the client and his needs. Musicians will work with the instrument, while others will repeat texts and words, read or do speech or voice exercises, which have been adapted to their personal difficulties.

Short overview

  • Non-binding evaluation
  • Training consisting of 3 blocks
  • Division of training into passive and active units
  • Active phase can differ greatly and will be individually adapted to the client

Practical information

Falkenstrasse 26 8008 Zurich

Mo-Fr: 08:30 - 19:30
Sa: 10:00 - 12:00

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