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Put your trust in 20 years' experience and the successful A. Tomatis method.

The A. Tomatis method

stimulates the ability to listen and communicate.

Do you have difficulties focusing when hearing?

Learn to filter what you hear in large crowds.

About me

A. Tomatis, Centre for listening training

The focus of the institute near Zurich Stadelhofen train station is listening training. Hearing and listening must be specifically trained with certain hearing problems. For example, listening training helps with sensitivity to noise, cencentration problems, learning difficulties and ADS / ADHS. Discover the overview of the offer here on the website.

My customers are both children and adolescents as well as adults.

Irene Schulz

  • Therapist in Audio-Psycho-Phonology
  • Over 20 years' experience

Hearing and listening - the background to my work

Irene Schulz - A. Tomatis listening training - Zurich"I work with a method which stimulates listening", is what I answer if I am asked about my profession. The people in my environment find that interesting but I notice that many do not know the difference between hearing and listening.

Hearing is a passive process, unlike listening, which is an active action. In my practice I experience schoolchildren on a daily basis, who have been mistakenly labelled dreamy, lazy or distractible. That is the symptom but not the cause of the problem. The cause frequently lies in not being able to listen.

Adults have the same difficulties; they suffer in meetings because they find it difficult to concentrate on the person opposite them. They often also have problems understanding their dialogue partner with background noise, or they are sensitive to noise and, as a result, tired and irritable and much more.

Acoustic perceptiveness crucially influences our daily life. We have to absorb, filter and process thousands of signals. The easier we accomplish this task, the more energy we have remaining for other things.

Hearing and listening naturally also includes a great psychological element. The way we perceive our environment reflects how we feel. We react to it and express ourselves accordingly.

By optimising our aural perception, although we do not solve our daily problems, we can nevertheless handle them much better.

Practical information

Falkenstrasse 26 8008 Zurich

Mo-Fr: 08:30 - 19:30
Sa: 10:00 - 12:00

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